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Search your university course

We import all courses in your university so that you can find help on specifc subjects. 

Find the right tutor

All tutors on Proov are pre-screened. Get exactly what you're looking for by taking advantage of our search filters, like teaching style, price, hours tutored, and language.

Book a session

With Proov, it's quick and easy to make a request. Check your tutor's availability calendar for 1-on-1 sessions or invite friends to join you and split the payment.


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Why tutor on Proov?

Teach any of your university courses on Proov to build up your savings, help a friend in need, or simply meet new students on campus. Get paid for every minute you teach - never worry about unpaid over time! Plus, you're in full control of your availability, prices, and how you teach with students.

We want you to succeed

Our goal is not just to facilitate your tutoring activities, but help you advance in your personal and professional life. Get accredited for your tutoring achievements and start building your career. We're working to provide you limited access to workshops, job opportunities, and networking events.

Tutoring in 3 steps

Create your profile

Create your profile without sign-up charges. Add the university courses you want to teach. 

Decide how you want to tutor

Choose your own schedule, prices, and type of services (1-on-1 or group sessions). We're there to help along the way.

Meet your first student

Once your profile is live, students in your university can reach out and request you. You can message them with any questions before your session.


Payments made simple


Charge what you want

You always get to pick your price. Proov only earns when you do - we charge 2.5 CHF per hour tutored per student.


Earn more with Proov

Majority of tutors lose 20 - 50% of their income due to unearned overtime. Proov's session time-tracked feature allows you earn every minute you spend teaching.


Get paid on time, every time

Once a session is completed, we can send your earnings directly to your bank account.

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Tutoring has helped me gain professional experience while studying.

- Rebecca

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Earn up to 750 CHF / month

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  • No credit card required
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Start a new challenge... Become a Campus Manager.

Proov Campus Managers

Campus Managers are key players at Proov. You're in charge of growing Proov in your university, with the flexibility of promoting on your own schedule. Our programs are perfect if you want a flexible part-time job and want to earn directly on your campus. 

The Responsibilities

Completing marketing tasks. From pitching in classes and social media posts to distributing print ads and driving downloads, each campaign will require you to be creative and energetic. 

Know your univerity, inside out. Understanding your campus and where to promote and interact with your peers is a key element to achieving your goals. 

Know the Proov app, own the brand. Being knowledgeable about the product and proud to represent Proov.

The Traits

Campus Managers are proactive, creative, and disciplined. They always strive for the best and are proud to represent Proov. They love coming up with new ideas to market the app in their campus, and believe that nothing is impossible.

Want to simply chat and learn more?

Contact and we'll reach out to schedule a call.

Or if you know you want to be part of the Proov team, send us your CV and a short message as to why you feel you'd be a good member to the Proov family.

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